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I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at military breaks plus along with the interpreter the legal and accounting team and the Alhama, Mazarron, and Murcia officials.All who have worked continuously over the last 8 weeks to achieve what looked like a impossible task.
It is a little daunting when you receive a phone call from the regional government officials letting you know they need to see you in the next 2 hours to go through the changes in the law being announced at 1300hrs that day, with the flexibility of all concerned and owners of properties backing and supporting the task started. And at 1500hrs yesterday Military breaks plus was one of the first companies to achieve its new licence allowing us to continue to operate as a rental and property management company in the region of Murcia.
We are currently going through the same process for 2 other regions in Spain.
The following distinctions were added by the inspection team.
Military breaks plus has proved itself to be a very well structured and organised company who’s procedures and attention to customer service along with commitment to the clients, that goes far beyond what some hotel services provide. And how it integrates with local Spanish companies and organisations.
The region of Murcia tourist board looks forward to continuing to work along side military breaks plus in the regions push to attract more tourists to the area. This licence in itself we thought was a reason to celebrate,then at 1645 hrs Spanish time the MOD confirmed after long talks with the regional government the armed forces of France and Spain have placed an order for the following apartment rentals for the use of golf and adventure training.

8 apartments for May 8 apartments for June and 56 apartments for July with more orders to follow.
All I can say is a huge thank you to every member of the team both in the uk and Spain and to the organisations and companies who have supported the planning and arranging of this whilst still doing your day jobs.
Well done to you all.

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