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Buying our first Spanish property was a big decision for us and somewhat daunting. We were buying in an area that we had little knowledge of, no friends or contacts in the region and absolutely zero understanding of the Spanish legal system.
This was to change quickly when we made the decision to use Mike and Amanda at Military Breaks Plus as our key holder.
I didn’t fully understand the agreement we had with Mike and Amanda, as far as I was aware they were simply a key holding service and they would let people into our property when required.
The service they provide is so much more, I can’t begin to explain how comfortable they have made me feel with my investment. I can only compare it with having a family member on site.
I get regular contact regards my property, just to let me know if it was stormy they had checked and all is ok etc… I had a new sofa being delivered. The driver was hours late but it was all dealt with for me, there was an issue with the payment balance but Mike covered it, the sofa was put in place and I was sent photo’s to let me know everything was sorted. That’s above and beyond anyone’s expectations.
The first time we visited, Amanda was concerned that the apartment was dirty, so she cleaned it for us so we wouldn’t feel disappointed! We open the fridge and there’s fresh milk so that we can have a cuppa on arrival, we didn’t ask for it but they wanted us to feel relaxed when we arrived.

This is just a small example of what it’s like to be a client of Military Breaks, I could go on but you get the idea!

Couldn’t recommend them enough, I’ve only known them around a year but already feel confident they won’t let me down.

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