House Rules and Rental Conditions

The property Management company of Military Breaks Plus are pleased to welcome you to the lovely resort of Condado de Alhama and hope that you and your group enjoy all that the rental property has to offer. We ask that a few simple rules be followed to ensure an exceptional and memorable experience. As such, we’ve outlined our House Rules and Rental Conditions below. Please note that we are at your disposal by phone or Whats app  +34 658062761 or via email at  should you have questions at any time.


House Rules

  • Music and/or excessive noise outdoors (i.e., yelling, noise amplification, musical instruments, animal barking etc) must be kept to a respectful minimum at all times. Outdoor Music is not permitted after 12am. Guests must be mindful of their noise levels at all time;
  • Neighbourhood quiet hours are strictly enforced from 12am-8am. Security will be patrolling the gardens and may report any persistent disturbances to the local police
  • No Parties or events
  • No smoking is allowed inside the property.
  • Pets are not allowed unless otherwise agreed to in writing;
  • Please park in the designated area as stated in your check in instructions message
  • If the neighbours are disturbed, Military Breaks Plus reserves the right to ask the tenant to vacate the premises with no refund;
  • No alcohol may be consumed poolside and no glass containers may be used near the pool. Swimming Pools are open from 9am until 11pm please make yourself aware of the conditions of use. Security do patrol these areas to ensure these rules are being adhered to.
  • Tenants must maintain all property and furnishings in good order;
  • Tenants may only use appliances for their intended use;
  • Guests, other than those in the party provided, may not stay overnight in the property; 
  • All guests are the sole responsibility of the renter;
  • Guests are not allowed to exceed the agreed upon occupancy limit;
  • Guests may not send packages to the house they are renting;
  • Renters are responsible for doing a house walkthrough and reporting any damage upon entering the home;
  • Condado is an environmentally friendly resort and we ask that you respect this by separating rubbish into General Kitchen Waste(Grey);  Cardboard (Blue): Plastics/Tins(Yellow);  Glass (Green Bin)  The underground recycle bins are clearly labelled and located around the resort in: Jardins along the main inner road; Naranjas and Penthouses at either end of the parking areas between the gardens; La Isla close to the parking areas. 
  • Compliance: Failure to comply with the house rules may result in termination of the reservation and all guests may be evicted for not adhering to our house rules.


Check-In / Check-Out

  • Check-in time is 2:00PM. Early check-in may be available upon request. Please ask the Management  company Military Breaks Plus for the cost as it varies per property. 
  • Check-out time is 10:00AM. Late check-out may be available upon request, so please ask the Management company for cost and availability.
  • Please note that these times are strictly enforced, and that arriving before 2pm or checking out after 11am without prior approval is against our policies. 


Primary Guest Charges

The Primary Guest may be required to pay for incidental charges and other fees incurred during your stay. The name of the primary guest on the reservation and a picture ID will be required along with the signed rental agreement. If any costs or damages, including but not limited to: extra cleaning fees, unauthorised pool heat, or unauthorised pets, are discovered during or within a reasonable amount of time after your stay, the primary guest will be charged for said amounts. No charges will be processed without prior written notice.


Security Deposit / Additional Costs

If applicable to your reservation, the security deposit will be used at the sole discretion of Military Breaks Plus to pay for the restoration of the property to its original move-in conditions (outside of other normal wear and tear). Additional costs include but are not limited to: any damage or breakages; dirty BBQ €15;  excessive rubbish €15; excessive washing up €15; lost key €25

In the event that said deposit is insufficient, you agree to allow Military Breaks Plus to charge your credit card on file to pay the additional costs or we may send you an invoice that is payable in full upon receipt. 


Repairs and Maintenance

We cannot guarantee against mechanical failure of heating, air conditioning, appliances, TVs/VCRs/DVD Players, stereo equipment or pools/spas. Please report any inoperative equipment to our office promptly. Military Breaks Plus will make every reasonable effort to have repairs done quickly and efficiently. If you demonstrate that the problem persists after being given phone instructions by a Military Breaks Plus property associate, a maintenance service professional will be dispatched.



Cancellations & Refunds

If the renter cancels or otherwise terminates this Agreement at least thirty days prior to the check in date they will receive a full refund less a processing fee of 10%
If the agreement is cancelled between fourteen and thirty days prior to the check in date guests will receive  50% refund less a processing fee of 10%
Bookings cancelled less than fourteen days prior to the check in date there is no refund.

Military Breaks Plus reserves the right to change reservation accommodations or refund the full balance should a specific property become unavailable due to circumstances beyond its control. 


No Smoking Policy

All properties are non-smoking. Violation of the no smoking policy will result in forfeiture of the full security deposit and damage liability of up to €500 for any discovered damage to furniture or any odours


Good Neighbour Policy

You agree to abide by all rules and regulations of the community of Condado de Alhama which includes a “Good Neighbour Policy” as follows:

Article 1. Obligations of good neighbourhood

  1. The obligations of any owner, lessee, user, guest and in general for all people making use of common areas and services.
  2. Respect the general facilities of the Complex and other common elements, making appropriate use of them at all times and avoiding injury and damage.
  3. Keep in a good condition own housing and attachments, and locality as appropriate, as well as their custodial facilities. Preventing damage or injury to other owners.
  4. Must compensate for damages caused by their own neglect or for persons they are responsible for.
  5. Consent to his house, annexes or local the necessary easements required for the repair of services or common elements, as well as creating new ones, so having the entitlement that the resort will compensate them for any damages.
  6. Observe due care in the use of services and facilities and their relationships with the other owners, and to account for violations and damageRespect silence in the night, avoiding activities that disturb between 24.00 h and 08.00 h.


Property Inspection

An inspection of the vacation rental property will take place 24 hours in advance of your arrival. If there are any concerns with the property, please notify Management immediately to ensure that such issues may be remedied in a timely manner. The property will be subject to inspection upon reasonable notice to guest, which includes knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell before entry in the event that noise complaints are issued. The guest understands that this may occur anytime during the guest’s stay if there is noise or reasonable suspicion of a party or any other violation of the house neighbourhood rules or city ordinance.


Swimming Pool

You agree to abide by all rules and regulations of the community of Condado de Alhama which includes Swimming Pool areas as follows:

Article 3. Rules for swimming pool areas

  • Pool open hours are 09:00 h – 23:00 h, respecting the maintenance works of the pools.
  • The safety of users of the pool is the responsibility of the individual, Parents/Guardians are responsible for children under 12 in their care.
  • Given the risks to Persons health and safety, Swimming Pools and adjacent areas are common facilities that require special attention by the users and the community therefore the following rules apply:
  1. All users of the pool MUST use the shower before swimming.
  2. Babies must wear swim nappies at all times.
  3. Children under 12 years must always be accompanied by an adult.
  4. All bathers are obliged to wear appropriate swimwear
  5. Swimming Aids are permitted


  • No Topless bathing
  • No Inflatables permitted in July & August
  • No Ball Games in the perimeter of the pool.
  • No Animals and pets
  • No Use of glass, glass bottles, and dishes.
  • No Food and Barbeques.
  • No Dangerous games in the Pool.
  • No Smoking.
  • No Excessive noise (Stereo headphones should be used)
  • No Sunbeds left overnight
  • No use of sunshades/umbrellas on grass areas that penetrate the ground


Garden Areas

You agree to abide by all rules and regulations of the community of Condado de Alhama which includes Garden areas as follows:

Article 4. Rules for Garden Areas

  • Barbecues are prohibited in Gardens and Common areas except for special occasions with express permission of the President and the Administrator.
  • People must respect trees and plants.
  • Football and other sports that may damage decorative and ornamental elements are prohibited.


Obligation to Follow Rules + Surveillance

For your security there is video electronic surveillance on the common areas of the resort and to ensure that the rules of the community are respected. Guests acknowledge that this Property may be under 24-hour exterior surveillance and security monitoring and patrols.


No Event/Party Policy

Unless otherwise authorised in writing by Military Breaks Plus, no gatherings, loud celebrations, parties or other private events (collectively “events”) are to be held at the vacation rental property during your occupancy. Holding an event without receiving prior approval, permit or permission from Military Breaks Plus is considered an abuse and breach of these Terms and Conditions and is cause for immediate termination of occupancy. Upon any infraction of rules, Military Breaks Plus may, at its sole option, terminate all agreements with you, including termination of occupancy immediately. In this event, you will forfeit all monies, including security deposits. Only those guests listed on the attached guest list to this rental agreement may occupy the property during the reservation periods.


No Replacement Property Guarantee

While every reasonable attempt will be made to accommodate you, if the vacation rental property selected by you does not meet your approval, Military Breaks Plus cannot guarantee that another vacation property will be made available to move you once you have reserved a specific vacation rental property.


No Hold Over Policy

Military Breaks Plus attempts to ensure that all of our properties are fully booked and reserved for the owners of the vacation rental properties. Unfortunately, we cannot permit you to remain on the vacation rental property beyond the date and time of checkout that you have previously agreed to during your reservation and confirmed by email, unless you have made a prior written agreement. If you hold over or remain on the vacation rental property beyond the time and date of checkout, you agree and consent to be removed from the premises and locked out of the vacation rental property by Military BreaksPlus, its representatives, and/or law enforcement. You further consent to permit Military Breaks Plus to remove your personal belongings to a location of the Manager’s choice, where you may retrieve them.


Vacation Rental (Not a Lease)

This is a vacation rental agreement for temporary vacation stay at a managed vacation rental property. THIS AGREEMENT IS NOT A LEASE AND CONVEYS NO RIGHTS IN REAL PROPERTY. By agreeing to the Terms & Conditions, you stipulate and agree that you have not and will not receive a real property interest in or rights to the vacation rental property.


Liability and Obligation to Follow Rules

By agreeing below, you understand that Military Breaks Plus is only responsible for reservations, house cleaning, and check out. By agreeing to the Terms & Conditions below, you waive, discharge and agree to hold harmless Military Breaks Plus and the real property owner from all damages or injuries arising from or related to your stay at the managed property, including but not limited to, any accidents or injury to yourself, your guests and associates, and loss of money, jewellery or valuables of any kind. You are responsible for keeping your valuables safe at all times. Guests agree to follow any and all House Rules provided to them by the Property Manager, as well as any and all rules of the Community of Condado de Alhama where the property is located, and any and all City or County ordinances in the area where the property is located. The guest will be held responsible for violation of any of these rules and hereby agrees to strictly abide by any and all rules thereof. The guest acknowledges that there may be periodic patrols and security monitoring to ensure that rules are followed.


Host Cancellation of Reservation

If the property which is the subject of this agreement becomes unavailabl